Anatoly Akue.

My artistic path had started with graffiti and street art in 1997.This estetic influences me till nowadays.

Graphics and oil, classical graffiti forms and abstract painting – my works can be found on streets, urban-art festivals and big events such as Venice biennale 2018. 
For last years I concentrate on studio work searching for the way to combine forms with joy from abstract painting and influence of Buddhist philosophy and symbolism.

My main topics in artwork are exploring of development and transformation of our inner qualities and process of uniting meditations and other science with everyday experience in art and all live situations.

Represented by Triump Gallery/Moscow since 2018


Selected projects:

Streetart and graffiti :

2000-2004- Nescafe clear enegry. Moscow.

2004-Winners of Write 4 gold( TSA crew) /Russia/Moscow.

2004 -“Write 4 gold” /Germany. International graffiti championship.

2005- First mural in Moscow.

2006-2008 Meeting of styles. Minsk /Gomel /Saint-petersburg.

2006 –Graffiti festival at  Winzavod. Center of modern art. Moscow.

2007-Roza mira. Mural festival. Moscow.

2008-2010- Graffiti festival “PAINT METHODS” Omsk / Novosibirsk/ Krasnoyars/ Barnaul.

2008-2009- Write for gold /Moscow.

2010-2011-Street-art festival Stenografia. Yekaterinburg.

2009-2010- The Others/Graffiti festival in Tumen.

2012- Just write my name. Moscow.

2013-Mural festival “5 elements”. Salavat.

2014-Cultural summer festival. Chemnitz.Germany.

2014-Lgz .Street-art festival. Moscow.

2014- Art weekend festival. Krasnoyarsk.

2015- 30 shapes of style. Moscow.

2015-2016.Resident of DEAC (Dukley European Art Community).Montenegro.

2016- Smukfest. Archus.Denmark.

2017-South street fest. Sochi.

2017-Aarhus festuge. Streetart festival. Danmark.

2017- Smukfest. Skaneborg.Danmark.

2017-Morejam.19th international festival of students and youth. Sochi.

2018-Mesto. Streetart festival. Nizhniy Nowgorod.Russia.

2018-Step in the arena.Eindhoven. Holand.

2019- Wonder walls festival. Adelaide.Australia.

2019- Hk walls. Hong kong

2019- Akasuka project. Tokyo. Japan.

2019-KaliningrArt. Kaliningrad.


Group show and projects.

2008- Wind steppe.Omsk.Russia

2009- «The others» .Tyumen.Russia

2009- Paint methods.Krasnoyarsk. Russia

2010 – Svoboda project.Omsk

2013-2014 ARTwall. Kurehin Art center.Saint-Petersburg.

2013-Sretenka design week. Lecture.Moscow

2014- Night of light. Kazan


2015-Project 64.Vdnh.Moscow

2015-Wall elements. Group show and representation of Russion catalog of street-art.Ru Arts gallery.Moscow

2015-Moscow biennale of streetart art.ARTMOSSPHERE.Artplay.Moscow

2015 –Group show.Zarya art center.Vladivostok

2016-Second biennale of streetart “Invisible wall" Artmossphere.Manezh.Moscow

2016- Independence/Project 64 with Tele2.Vdnh.Moscow

2015-2016- Auction of streetart/RuArts gallery and Artmossphere 

2016 – "The outlanders" Aarchus.Denmark

2017- "Conditions" Show with Anna Mikheeva.Fga space.Moscow 

2017-Group Exhibition at Arhus festuge. Danmark.

2017-Group exhibition "Start in art. K35 gallery. Moscow

2017- Project with Jon Perello (JonOne Ny) for Hennesy Russia.

2017-Art fair. Streetart museum. Saint-Petersburg.

2017- Не лишний человек.Manezh. Saint-Petersburg

2017-3 Streetart auction. RuArts gallery and Artmossphere. Moscow

2017-Войти в историю. Moscow museum. Curated by Triumph gallery.

2018- Другие берега.Group show. Manezh.SaintPetersburg.

2018- Ra&Af. Art faif. Manezh.Moscow.

2018- Urbanart fair. France.

2018- Venice architectural biennale.Russian pavilion. Italy

2018-Wall elements. Manezh. Saint-Petersburg.

2018-Reset. Group show.Sheraton. Nizhniy novgorod.

2018-3rd biennale of streetart Artmossphere.Vinzavod.Moscow

2019- Aporias. Group show. Mirus gallery. Usa

2019- Art life festival. Moscow


Solo show:

2014-Exhibition and lectures in Protvor gallery/Saint Petersburg.

2014-Retreat.Project in StreetartMuseum .Saint Petersburg.

2015 -Seredina.Omsk

2016- Discursive mind. Dukley European art center.Kotor/ Montenegro

2016-The journey. Dukley residence.Budva/ Montenegro

2016 –Vacuum (documentary project) Book.Moscow

2018-The guest. Triumph Gallery. Moscow



Art Education-no


Art fairs:

Artmossphere & Ruarts foundation auction of street art. 2016-2019

Streetart museum art fair. Saint petersburg.2017

Russian art and antique fair. Manezh. Moscow 2018

Urbanart fair. Paris/France.2018

Russian art and antique fair. Manezh. Moscow 2019

Art market Budapest. 2019



Works in collection :